Пропускане към основното съдържание

we were the kids who...

We were the kids who would dance in the dark in magic circles,
while waiting for the moon to enlighten us about the great truths in life,
we were those who would stare at each other as we’re in love,
but if anyone asked us, we would've absolutely and utterly denied it.
We would share small innocent kisses and even lay down next to each other,
In a bed of roses and moonlight, as mosquitos fly above us,
And the stars share their secrets, bringing us close to each other
As if it is a great sin to love the person who makes you burst into laughter.
The person who frees you and makes you feel fearless, as if you’re ready to
defeat dragons with a wooden sword and rise above your demons.
We were the kids who would make dream-calendars, just because we
secretly didn’t want to be separated even in our sleep,
Making promises to meet in the grayish dreamland streets,
which we’d  never keep.
We were in love and we knew it.
But if anyone asks us, we would absolutely and utterly deny it.


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